Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quaffing Tea: Word of the Day

My New word of the Day:    is from a fellow blogger "Always Make Time for Tea"

Quaffing:     (v)   to drink (a beverage) copiously (--another word that means plentiful, bountifully)... and to drink a beverage heartily!!!    pronounced "kwawf-ing"

EXAMPLE:   We spend the whole evening quaffing ale!

She is a tea drinker who prefers quaffing tea over coffee!  She calls it a Holy Brew -- not just because of the antioxidants in it, but (LIKE ME) because there is something soothing and magical about the cup-- the seething -- and the sipping of a pretty cup of tea!

Savoring the Moment with Tea and Delicate Food!

Yes ~ tea drinkers are of an entirely diffrent culture than coffee drinkers!  I am both.   Morning Java/caffeine boost!  (oft referred as the utilitarian need for caffeine!)  My coffee is smooth, creamy (not sugary) and flavored dark roast beans.    

But in the mellow afternoon of my current workplace.  All is quiet and all work required of me is achievable... not needed today.... just get to it... Ok?  Yep!

So - instead of a coke/soda ~ I long for the pretty soothing cup and the light color and flavor of tea!   A moment to savor!   Tea is like a cousin of coffee.... it delights in absorbing more time and attention about things in life!
I searched out the lunch hour again . . I've traveled the road but never stopped in to browse Mockingbird Manor.... On Western Avenue!
I bring my precious little package back to work..... and Tah-day...   It's an $8.00 china treasure (3-pc)      R, (Rosenthal) KPM Krister Germany - Berlin procelain!  Vintage 1952-1965, inner and outer pattern

The Packaging - Style and The Art of Tea Drinking

PIE - Presentation is Everything???

The history of tea can be traced back thousands of years, with mass cultivation and trade first credited to the Chinese. Around the 19th century, the tea trade expanded globally. In recent years, retail stores devoted to the “art” of tea-drinking have emerged. And tea packaging has evolved as well. 

Sure, there are the typical utilitarian tea bags with cut tea leaves – not very attractive going into the cup, and less so coming out. Check out for perfectly good tea, just no exciting packaging. Recently, I’ve seen more of the artisan teas emerging – whole leaf teas in lovely sachets. Tea Forte gives us some of the most beautiful tea packaging I have ever seen. This premium whole leaf tea presents in silken pyramid sachets (see more at – an experience in every cup. It’s perfect for serving to guests, or even to give as a gift. (Can’t imagine wrapping a box of Lipton tea as a gift.)
Recently, at an industry trade show (PackEXPO), I was introduced to what we could be seeing next – at the time, it was not available commercially. It is a package from Tstix®. From their site, “Tstix ® are micro-perforated packages in the shape of a tube, designed to replace teabags and spooned granule coffee with a cleaner, faster, more convenient, easier to use alternative.” I found this package easy to use and clean to touch, putting a sleek, contemporary spin on the ancient art of tea.
- See more at:

The Meaning of Utilitarian Tea

I'm thinking of myself -- as I search for teacups and teapots.  I want utility.  I want usable... I want a smooth touch to my lips and hands in the cup.   I really see no need for the teapot.. (btw ... how do I get and keep water hot in a china pot???)

I googled utilitarian tea.....   survey results came up!!  although I don't find the survey sample as relevant for the entire USA.... but 
NEW ORLEANS, LAThe National Coffee Association’s survey of drinking trends for the first time in decades revealed the number of past-day tea drinkers is greater than adults choosing soda.  The survey engaged a nationally representative sample of about 3,000 people 18 and older. It is conducted in January and February each year

TMI --- (too much information)  . . . . Indian tea is grown at elevations of 7,500 meters, as high as any in the Himalayan foothills and the plantations date to the late 1800s. South India teas are known for their aroma, balanced astringency and lingering aftertaste. This awards event was first organized in 2005. The judges gave high praise to this year’s competitors.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Organized and Peaceful Tea drinker.....

Or might it be somedays..... it was my day off.  It started so blue, unorganized that I called in on a Monday!   I plugged in my computer, cleaned out closets (painted two closets clean - sparkling white!!!)  There was still time for tea (and meds) !

The morning sun.... in Oklahoma!
My  Day Lillies and Blooming Dianthus!
Definition Reminder!!!    The quintessential cottage flower, pinks are treasured for their grasslike blue-green foliage and abundant starry flowers, which are often spicily fragrant. Depending on the type of pink, flowers appear in spring or summer and tend to be pink, red, white, rose, or lavender, but come in nearly all shades except true blue. Plants range from tiny creeping groundcovers to 30-inch-tall cut flowers, which are a favorite with florists. Foliage is blue-green.

So here goes my beautiful clutter and calming afternoon tea!

A bit of sewing amongst my cleaning!   There's nothing better than de-clutter and create!
The afternoon threatened thunder storms and the USA is facing its tornado season!!

Sharing an invitation to tea!

Although it's a valid point about privacy, respect and copyright..... In this life of leisure, I don't worry about fraud - prohibits - etc.

I'm living my life as an open book in God's hands....(Psalm 31:15) and I really appreciate fellow bloggers from who I copy and try to give credit to.   So, this poem was from Grandma's Blessings.......   be blessed dear lady!

Let's have a tea party
Beginning at three
You bring the teacups,
I'll pour the tea.

You pick the pastries,
Sweet as can be.
I'll toast to friendship
Between you and me !
Author unknown

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A beautifully smooth, appealing styled cup, shapely with little pattern!

History of Flintridge China:
Flintridge China Company was founded in 1946 in Pasadena, California. Flintridge took its name from two materials necessary for making china: "flint" and "kaolin." Kaolin is a Chinese word meaning "high hill" or "ridge" where the finest clay is made. Flintridge China featured both a rich, ivory-toned body that was translucent as well as a white, translucent china known as "Bon-Lite." Many Flintridge patterns were offered in a variety of colors, with more than a dozen color options available. In 1970, the Gorham Division of Textron, Inc., acquired Flintridge; the purchase resulted in the discontinuation of most Flintridge patterns over the nest few years. A few Flintridge patterns continued to be made by Gorham for many years, including the popular Black Contessa which was discontinued in 1994

I wasn't content at several garage and estate sales..... So my leisurely Saturday took me to Bethany Antique shops!  Sale of 20% off... I'm learning to hold the cup handle in my hand, I feel over and over along the drinking edge for smoothness.   Then - I find I like a certain highlight of which the light is reflected off the cup.   The weight and the feel and the color.   Then I remember how pleasant the sloping shape of the wide mouth of the up must be!   It is so pleasing to me to drink half and seek the bottom of the cup... as the the floral edges peep thru!

I'm loving the silver rim/edge.... quite elegant.  My choice of wedding band was white gold!!  And I love silver bracelets and pearls!

'Tis so sweet . . .

Drinking from my new Flintridge tea cup . . . . .

Tis sweet,,,, so many things!   To trust in Jesus.... to take him at his Word!

Tis so Sweet.... to sit a minute on Saturday night and sip my superbly hot tea... I add ginger honey crystals..they were suggested by my cousin!

Friday, April 25, 2014

My Blackness colors my world !

My perspective...   just can't help it!    So, I wondered what other African American old or young lady might be sippin tea (and bloggin - no less!)  

African American woman drinking tea (Labeled “The Cup that Cheers”) :: Columbus-Lowndes Public Library

 Taking a quiet moment for herself....

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh So Lovely "Made in America" by Castleton China

I'm hooked -- hook- line - and  - sinker....

'Tis another Thursday... and another Estate Sale on NW Highway.  I see it on my drive to work, and returning at the lunch hour!   I find the lovely pink white flowers on Turquoise lined with Silver trim....   I find that I really like drinking from a low-base, broad rim tea cup (not one that stands up high and erect like the Royal Albert!!

The drink is so inviting in the cup!!  It's about 4" wide and 2 1/4 inches tall:  saucer is 5 7/8 " wide.   It is noted as a footed cup and saucer set in the Corsage pattern by Castelton-USA.   Price $7.50 for both...

I bought two... I'll have to find a friend to share a cup of tea!

About Tea Cups.....

I'm sharing a new link.... (to me)  American's Tea Room

 I love the upscale Black Girls having a Tea Party!!!   by Annie Lee

Delicacy ~ a charming name for vases, teacups and flower blooms!

Heinrich H & C SELB Barvaria Germany ~ A garage salve vase last Thursday 2014 April!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's Wishin Well

A few years back, I was entwined with the Scripture of the Shunnamite woman... who told the prophet... It is Well.... with my Soul!   And to this day... I live these words in the midst of any circumstance!

And I glanced at this antique Wishing Well, I've googled it on occasion.... and it's priced at abt $45.00

My mom and dad has this wishing well and a matching puppy dog lamp in their home from the 50's I guess.   So the reflection of my life is "Wishin Well"!
(Antique Item below)

This is me... @ 60 years old or young!!!  Sittin amongst my mother's Silver and table!
I should have removed the work badge....  but the candles were lit... and I enjoyed the moment!

 I'll have to find out and google my mother's beautiful Vase... I think at their 40th wedding anniversary it was a gift to them!

I placed this glass cake stand atop a glass bowl....

My newest passion ~ sippin tea and quiltin quilts !

I had to go snooping at an antique shop out on 10th street in Oklahoma City during the lunch (2) hour!

I found ($15) a Royal Albert Bone China FLOWER OF THE MONTH.... dated 1970 . . . no less it was my birth month of JANUARY! (1954)

The wooden stand.... is just too cute!!!    A teacup and 5 1/2" saucer in great condition.   A pleasing green reflection... named Snowdrops!
and then.... as my girlfriend says quite often.... PRESENTATION is EVERYTHING...  I bought a nice lil hankie.... added a thimble.   and no less that a hand painted plate with a chickadee on a beautiful limb!

My mother used to nickname me "Chicadee".... Mama was born in Chickasha... and so were four out of six children...(me!).  I remember my Big Mama had a talking-tweeting bird in a cage!

Oh.... when I get home now-a-days....   It's sewing and quiltin quiet time for me!

You can't become ugly....

Generally, by the time you are REAL.....
most of your hair has been loved off,
and your eyes drop out
and you get loose in the joings
and very shabby.

But these things don't matter at all, 
Because once YOU ARE REAL
You can't become ugly,
Except to people who don't understand.

The Velveteen Rabbit