Monday, June 30, 2014

Kind-of-a-High Dollar Teacup . . !

I wonderfully added to my collection on Sunday.  Yep a sign said Estate Sale:  and Sunday could be 50% or 75% off!

I chatted, and oohed and ahhed over a lady holding a teacup at the checkout table.... She says.. well you can have it.... I have all this that I need to ship (she bought over $115 stuff !!!)

This is the doooozzzzzy of a teacup!   Now for the MATH   
First excited picture in my car.... Price Tag   (what I call High-Dollar, and probably the reason no one bought the cup on Friday or Saturday..... was $15.00 for This Elizabethan and $15.00 for a JULY Royal Alert cup/saucer!)

I'm @ $7.50.... and that's still a stinger for me! 
 A Friday Morning Garage Sale...... Embroidered Yellow and Green offsets my teacup ~ below!

I worked in my Sewing Room..... and felt creative and cute with quilting blocks.

I'm drinkin 'decaf' this time of evening!

Beverly's Delight... in a cup!
There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship.  ~Author Unknown

Ginseng Peppermint ~ is the new BLACK !

 Glorious ~ Good Monday Morning ~ Oklahoma and Beyond !

If Orange is the New Black..... then I don't choose to watch this particular series..... but I love the orange blooms, butterfly and My Royal Albert Black and White Teacup!  I'm paying attention to the winged petal design on the handle.....

Have a Great Day!


There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship.  ~Author Unknown

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Few Good Friends !

Superbly Sixty`Girls !!

          Bev's Delightful Day...  ending with a Cup of Tea!!!

Royal Albert "Lavender Rose" . . . the first 6-pc china setting I purchased at wonderful garage/estate sale price of $40.00  Plus the TeaPot, Creamer and Sugar Dish!!
aaaahhhhhh..... what love (the Lord has for lil old me!!)
I thank him daily!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flowers, Fabric, and Tea for an Inspired Day!

Here is where I hurried home in order to pair my Renaud Limoges saucer.... POLKA blue.... gold trimmed.  A sturdy little jewel - brilliant....

I'm matching it with a White teacup by Johann Haviland from grandma's collection

I've been rearrange my computer files..... and I'm inspired!

In my lunch hour drive... I just have to Glory in God's Great Majesty!  Lovely Cannas!
Does anybody know the name of this blooming plant below ??
Have A great day!
Bev’s Cup of Tea [ 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Now.... for the good stuff .... via Junk-Hunting!

Now I really feel the thrill of a sale and a bunch of stuff to sort through!   In closing the purchase... they wrap the saucers nicely... and then I get my plastic bag!!  Nice ladies.

  They're getting to know me by now!   I spot a saucer marked $3.00 Odd piece randomly placed in cabinet . . .
 Pink Royal Stafford

 So this is what Scotish Thistle... a plant looks like!!!  kinda cute...

NOW.... here's the blue saucer..... ok.   It's $7.00 but it's also 50%off

 Renaud Limoges “polka” (1970 or so!)
 It's notable expensive china tableware....   hmnnnnn (future collection)
Ok... so that's by tidbit and thrill for the day!

It's my sister's birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turning 49!!!

Bev Kirk

Antiquing or Junk-hunting.... Does it really matter....!!! ???

Not to me my dear friends.
I'm just out for a browse and a sale.    I might think of something as High-End ~ Antiquing ~ when the shop owners are nice-still.... and they talked about the merchandise I was buying.   They invited me to a special event on next day...please drop by and bring a friend (he said!).

And they've given me a precious bag to proudly carry out my treasures!

I said they're identical.... but guy notices smaller pot had JAPAN on bottom, and I could safely assumbe abt 1950.  Whereas the larger pot does not have a marking and he thought it was probably England....(Japan did the knock-off of the product).... hmnnnn

Sales prices 25%off small $10 and larger $15 teapot.....   Ok let's buy it!!

Bev Kirk

Quite simply.....

I say

Bev Kirk

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Go Placidly.....wTea Cup in Hand!

...  and no less.... YES! I am @ work today.    


Definition:  adjective
pleasantly calm or peaceful; unruffled; tranquil; serenely quiet or undisturbed: 


having a calm appearance or nature
from Latin placidus  peaceful;

Truly, I'm grateful for the downtimes I spend during my workday.
  I remember my first year of college @ Langston University:   I found the  


and it's call and meaning has never left my inner core!

Oh, How I also love a Weeping Willow Tree..... this one of off 36th & Western and Ollie Street-OKC...     Breathtaking.  I rolled the windows down, slowed in driving thru the neighborhood, fully experienced the shadows and shade  if this tall, elegant tree.   I certainly didn't feel like Weeping.... but Joy and Rejoicing!  Nobody but God!!!  PTL

I'm sipping from another Royal Albert Kentish Rocthe light floral scene on my estate sale collectible for $3.00 cup only!

Sandi @ Rose Chintz Cottage  
made reference to the Royal Albert Leaf  Design on her cup....
It's an 'aaaah-haaa' moment when I see the beautiful small details!

I'll probable be so enthusiastic in learning my china.....  The dainty double gold edged cup is described as "COUNTESS SHAPE";   an older version whose backstamp is As Supplied to Her Majesty Queen Mary.

 I googled... and was pleased to find a bit about the Kentish Rockery RA series (discontinued via 1960-1980!)
Since I have only the cup.... ...Etsy shop photos (below) show the a scenic garden with birds and butterflies in dainty shades of pinks, greens and blues.... someone described flowers like foxglove and roses!!??  adding to the romanticism of English royalty!

Have a wonderful day.......  I'd love for you to share in my visits to

Tea Cup Tuesday ~
Tuesday Cuppa Tea~
Tea in the Garden ~

 Bev’s TeaCup of Life !

Friday, June 20, 2014

UCAGO: My Heart Quickens..... Teacup Treasures

November Chrysanthemum Tea Cup and Saucer

The design consists of three leafed chrysanthemums that are yellow-pink-purple flowers.  The cup is gold trimmed around the top and the base, with a stunning opalescent background;  it has a scalloped base (November Chrysanthemum stamped in gold on the bottom of the cup)    

And you guessed it right... this post is a part of my Friday Garage Sale Treasure find = $2.50 cost....!!!

Makes me wanna holler..... what do they say.  PTL and never pay retail again!!!

The Lord has given me the desires of my heart... however simple and silly and joyous!

United China and Glass Company is often shortened to UCAGCO. This imprint is often seen on many different types of ceramics, some originating in Japan.  They were the distributor of many Japanese china patterns during the early 1950's. 

Enjoy your day!

Bev’s TeaCup of Life !

GS Friday......

Garage Sale Friday.....

....sometimes on a Thursday and/or a Saturday Treasure !!!

This was the place...... UNSUSPECTING..HUH ???
 hmnnnn./////     how much for these.   $1           = ok
 all of these....      yes    =  ok
The lady becomes talkative... says her grandmother had so much stuff..... more tea-towels that she hand crocheted....
like this.... I say....    she says "Yes I'll have to get it and bring it out tommorrow...."
How much?    $1    = ok   (you know I'm happy and smiling and bustin loose inside!)

She continues to say "I'm getting rid of a lot.  Come back tommorrow!

I think to ask the really famous question..

She thinks a minute.... says Yes... you wanna see them... they hanging in a rack inside...!!!???

I point out two of them, and her two boys pull up a chair and reach ever so gently to give me the matching sets.....the blue one & saucer... the other pretty one and saucer (there are about 4 with trinkets....)


This was my first quick peek onto the back......
This pic is dusty, cobweb from years of handing unused on the tea rack.....

Lordy, Lordy... I'm back at work and sipping.   I'm googling


I'll fill you in..... write my notes on the other beautiful cup asap...

I love my world!

Bev’s TeaCup of Life !