Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Lovely Day After Tuesday 4 Tea Drinkers!

Monday was our President's Holiday - it snowed in Oklahoma.... and it was back to work on Tuesday!

My heart and spirits were lifted - just thinking about my TEACUP Land of Friends!

So I'm here today!
My hubby really will ask???  REALLLY . . .  Why did u post THAT pic...??  
Well - I was in a happy moment..... I'm ME... I'm good....a million times over.   Tomorrow is not promised!

The little picture speaks to my soul on this TEA-FUL day! 

Though we travel the world over 
to find the beautiful . . . .
We must carry it with us  . . . .
Or we find it NOT  !   

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Plus -- in that picture -- my baby daughter traveled as an airline attendant a few years back... said a lady in a foreign country was hand knitting the lil hat.... and she couldn't resist it.  SO IT"S MINE NOW!!
  (There may be a seamstress in that girl yet!!!!)

I'm standing in the kitchen..... and I had a hankering to bake a lemon meringue pie.... Looked pretty.. but taste and consistency was lacking -- so I dumped it!  Yep--4real!
Then I moved into my sewing room.... I have a gorgeous-in-love-with-her meemaw -- granddaughter 6 yrs old!!!    I took her Tshirt and framed it!

OH Yea !!!   I even found a freebie on Craftsy and downloaded ...  (drum roll plzzzzz)

This.... I gotta sew !!!

Over the long Holilday Weekend.... I had a 2am run-thru lots of Pinterest and fellow blog-sites.  Here are some love-lies.   
(Please forgive me in advance in that they are stolen delights - not out of a hard heart.... just sharing the beauty of our world)

Well now.... I really don't want you to leave me be....

 until you leave me a comment...
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BERNIDEEN @ Tea in the Garden  

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

senseless acts of beauty

Hello Friends!
It's been a rather tough, hectic day @ work.    I recently glanced at this saying:  "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty"

My girfriend called last superbowl weekend.... FB note said "I'm making Pecan Pie and a new recipe for home-made dinner rolls...... wanna come over this Saturday!!!"

. . . random acts of kindness . . 
 her buzy, blessed hands!
 Finished Pecan Pie.....!!
NOW.....for the yeast in warm water....

 product reviews.... best products and best buys!   sharing a cooks secrets!   She is so gracious!
 Knead..... flour, pat, roll, test for stickiness of yeast working..... place in bowl and cover and let rise.  (I drove home and let it rise an hour!!!)
 Pull apart, place in pan..... bake...(set timer) ... so exciting..... and
 ta-dah..... Brush with butter...... Dinner it is for a worthy diabetic!   a senseless act of beauty!

Have a great day!
Beverly's Wish 4U!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tea Time.... for my Vintage African-American Doll collection

I will count today as a NOBLE day !
Good morning to my mini-world of blog-friends!

When I hold a doll of any race..... I see a broader representation of a people and its culture.  This vinyl, crochet or bisque doll depicts how we see ourselves, how others see us... and conveys the values of our society-at-large.

Although I fit into the timeline of Baby-Boomers ...  as I grew up in rural central Oklahoma from first-sixth grade.... I played with dolls and paper dolls.... But I don't remember ever have a "named-brand" doll.
But when I shopped around in 2013 at an estate sale... in instinctively knew something was more than cute about this 

little Betsy Doll in a Collector Box!

As I reflected on noble things.... and vintage items..... these dolls were produced from 1951 - 1963 by Ideal and American Character Dolls.... and more recentently (1990) by Tonner Doll Co.   The modern Betsy McCall 8" doll is fondly called Tiny Betsy.    Tonner made two styles of face paints.. Classic and Perky.  

Here is a picture (l-r) of 2002 Betsy McCall Convention Dru,  Sitting Pretty Dru (14" standing center doll) .... Party Pink Dry, and (my baby) is the Classic Stripes Dru....

Don't think of me as odd.... but my heart delights that this is great Black History month stuff (Feb-2015)!  at the promo site... my dolly Dru ....comes in a striped swimsuit and hairbows...ready to dress.  Perfect for play or display for ages of 5 years and up.  Each doll has eyes that open and close... a lovely hairdo, and an 8inch vinly body... with jointed knees... dressed in removeable swimsuit and sandals.   

It was in its terminology and use of word "Dru" ... so what is Dru?    I discovered a reference of "dark Brown"

(Store price originally listed Basic Doll:  $39.99)

What say ye.... good friends......It's time for Tiny Besty and Tiny Dru to have a bit of tea.   The have donned the pretty-in-pink dresses..... and ENJOY!

BK's Wishing Well! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's me and my keyboard ~ and Ascona ~ today !

I want my world to touch base with the elegance of TUESDAY CUPPA TEA bloggers  . always a fun party-way to feel more connected to this wonderful work of people God has placed on the planet.  The linky party is open today.....   Do make a visit...join the party .....   I'll list my friends at the front of this post!!

First reflections on my drive to work today.... its abt 17 degrees on a Monday am....  I've begun the BREW of teabags in my Teavana thingy-a-ma-jig and my super hot teapot!

I've had my morning oatmeal, friend-visits and chats.   Computer on.... and I've delayed taking my meds because the glucose monitor reported super-lows on Superbowl Sunday!   Then it's a high this morning via monitor reading of abt 269 mg/dl.

I'll sip the mini cup of Castleton Ascona cream-gold-blue floral teacup... This single cup and sauce is so endearing to me.... (early 1950's - like by birthday!!)  It has a footed cup and the saucer has a gold pearl edge that makes me want to just run my fingers over again and again.    I can better adjust the level of heat by which I totally enjoy sipping my tea.... (a small bit of ginger crystals added)!