Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Steady Balance To Your Teacup.....

Good Morning Tea Buddies ~ Here and Beyond

I took notice this morning....  I'm in this newly retired "BLISS STAGE" of my life and I want all things clean, classy, modern and in their place.   I always strive for a sense of balance.... then I can let the junk roll a few days (knowing its not far from what it takes to get it back in order!)

So my mid-morning "lemon-ginger tea" is poured into a lovely little BLACKIE TEACUP SET and I notice that my finger nor thumb fits into the cup handle.  (Hmnn.. it's not a grab and go quick mug!)  So.... here's the balancing act!
How lovely.... it takes Balance and a steady hand to gently sip the warm brew!   Hmnnnn Yummy !

I've posted this somewhat rare jewel before.   I say rare.... I felt it to be one of those things... that if I didn't buy it on that day....  the opportunity might not come my way again!

Although this guy is in full stride... I'm on the slowing down side this am!
This German porcelain is by Hertzel Jaco (Bavaria Germany)

I enjoyed Ruth at her Antiques and Teacups..... I joined her Linky Party... 

Wishin You ~ Deep Wells of Joy  ~ 2016
. . . . . from Beverly

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Teacup filled with Stitches

     Good Morning Oklahoma
Tea Connoissuers ~ Here and Beyond
I've seen this little gem over the swap shops but the price was never quite a bargain.   Some of the dealers markup year after year $18 - $25 to $33 as a money maker.

But I've found a friend at a quaint ancient of days shop just last January 2016..  who has an eye for beauty and really fair prices!

Here's the routine.... far from routine...oh so exhilirating.  Safely wrapped into a simple white bag... I walk to my car
 At the stop light... a quick peek.... can barely wait for my precious buy!
  It's home... It's Royal Albert stitchery in a cup!

   Petit Point China
 My morning sip of coffee/creamer. . . sip, sip, sip   Yum... satisfying!

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suite me."  C. S. Lewis

I found the above quote from a browse at The Tea and Hat Lady   Great word, books and tea knowledge!  I've skipped over to Ruth's lovely site "Antiques and TeaCups for her Linky Party!

I hope you'll visit and participate......  Special friends

Wishin You ~ Deep Wells of Joy  ~ 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last Year and..... This New Year

I longed for the peace and reduction of stress.    I longed for beauty rest!   I longed for a relaxing cuppa java or tea in the morning/evening!

Dear Lord ~ you've given me the desires of my heart!

I longed for the "TIME" to read a book and pursue my genealogy roots1

TIME to bake banana nut bread!

TIME to redecorate my kitchen!

TIME ..... quality appliances, 
cooking....quilting, ... handing sewing

TIME to maintain "blood sugar levels"

All of last year.... OTJ (on the job) I longed to experience the beauty I saw.... to experience to peace I sensed in their blog posts and backyard flowers!

IT'S MY YEAR.... It's my moment!

I'll skip over... if it's not too late via Wednesday.... 
to join a couple of parties.

Wishin You ~ Deep Wells of Joy ’16  

Tuesday Cuppa Tea