Monday, March 27, 2017

Brilliance ** Beauty Tea Cup Gifts

Oh the joy, smile and contentment...  in a box delivery last week!!!
See.... it's 4me

Jill took the time to tuck, wrap, oooohhh so pretty!  It actually helped me to think -- better how to pack, prepare, heartfelt -- thoughtfully..... 

..So that when I sent my mug and tea cup..... I tried so hard for an "aurora" of beauty for a two new friends!!   Thanks to Stephanie for arranging our tea cup swap 2017!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WOW ~ wee A Tea Cup Exchange for me!!

Yesterday.... I had the second cataract removed from my left eye... it was an early am surgical procedure.  I freaked a bit on the first eye/cataract surgery two weeks ago. 

So.... when a large box was delivered to me for girlfriend Jill **** on Monday of this week.  I saved it, I savored the moment....  I did not open the box.  Inwardly suspecting that I'd need an extra bit of beauty and love during this eye ordeal.  

I arrived home and awoke a little after 3pm yesterday.... and thus opened my Tea Cup Exchange gift box !!!!!  Here are a few hasty pictures.

What I really learned... was that Jill put a good bit of thought into every little and large trinket.   It's as if it were designed for bliss and a smile!

I, too was ready to mail out my Tea Cup Exchange gift ``` and it dawned to me that I was gently stuffing the package.   A dawning.... oh let's make it special!!   I guess because I'm an accountant/// pretty dogmatic and realistic.  Gosh, pretty stoney.

TOO often I doubt my inner creativity.... I had been studying too hard on what to send to my tea cup lady!!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Replacement for Tea Treasures

My parents delighted in this set of tableware.   How and when the cups suffered cracks from wear and washing....????

Don't know.....

I'll have to try to recap a bit of my parents retired life....

Anyhow...  here is the new....  I visited an antique shop somewhere outside of Ponca City OK a few weeks ago --- 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Disciplined (Maybe) in my Tea Cup Selections

Now a days.... it's like another pair of shoes or blue jeans.....   Do I really need it when the other is not worn out/nor quite out of style?   Ear-rings however are always purchased at a discount.

So, when I find an estate sale.... certainly some dear, sweet, lovely lady who likewise cherished a good sip of tea..... and the probably ungrateful kids???<<>:P^^&%($ have discounted her tea cups for sale.

It's still with a lot of thought that I consider if the tea cup is going to really be special to me!!!!  Then its a warm cozy feeling, or a color combination (red or blue@) that I've oft wanted and found glorious....

I also can more so tell if a cup will really be drinkable... that is to day!  It's not the lightest of weight BONE CHINA....  it has a little weight to handle the heat, the microwave, and the kitchen sink cleanup.....  It molds ROUND (not too swervy) on the lips.. to SIP!!!

YES   I think I know what I'm doing now a days!!!

AHHH   HAAAAH ???   The disciplined approach to the craziness of buying a teacup!