Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Post Election ` A Bell Tea Cup

I have resisted buying.... just for cute.    Maybe I feel some tea cup displays are "run of the mill"... but that's not what I really feel.   It's more so -- that because there are MILLIONS of pretty tea cup to be purchased EVERYWHERE.... that special women have collected these jewels.    What I often see... is too very similar to my own SPECIAL run of the mill collection..

Banish the wording.....  The Mill yet overflows.... is yet open for business.  

Sooooo.... I first noticed the pretty HANDLE that was similar to Royal Albert..... I gently began to check for chips or wear.   Ok... very good.  But the bottom inspection said NARCISCUSS Fine Bone BELL China ENGLAND..

This is a new one for me!   Oh so lovely... the tulips are often the first to bloom.   And for $5.00 the cup and saucer was mine to take home.    I had lunch at ALL ABOUT CHA.... a wonder tea house in OKC.....  and then I scurried over to Barnes Noble for a $2.00 sale table on the ever-popular coloring books/journals.   WA-LAH!!!