Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What CHAI ye? Pronunciation is everything!

chai  (noun)  ~   tea, esp as made in India with added spices.   A drink of tea made with cardamom and various other spices, milk, and a sweetener.

you haven’t had chai until you’ve had it with whole, fresh ingredients like actual cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Carefully Unwrapping a Scotch Thistle !

Isn't she lovely.....
BTWay of Royal Stafford.... my first and only Stafford China.... a single saucer!  
A $3.00 beauty... no chips or cracks.    Out of the paper bag with price tag paper still on it!

I cross referenced this (google)  -- a three piece setting for $45.00 Ebay site!

Product Type:
1950 - 1960

The flower of the Scotch Thistle has been the national emblem of Scotland since the reign of Alexander III (1249 - 1286).

A BIT OF A STICKLER... aka CACTUS PIN NEEDLES.....   Scotch thistle can be found all over North America, and it was probably introduced as an ornamental plant in the late nineteenth century. It can be abundant in dry pastures, fields, and rangeland from east coast to west coast. 

The flowers range from dark pink to lavender in color and the leaves of are armed with sharp, yellow spines. The thistle is an ancient Celtic symbol of nobility and birth.

AND FINALLY, just in case you'd ever like to have a Thistle tatoo..... here u go!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beverly's Wishing Well ~ Enchanted Tea Drinker

The Term . . . is. . . . . .    STAGING

BTW . . did I tell my blogworld... that My hubby was super inspired and bought me a GE Double Oven (built-in wall unit).   He was twice motivated.... and pulled out the small oven.... Called my son to help drop the lower cabinet shelf and they installed the pretty black beauty!

Back to  Staging

My dark wood (original 1980's) cabinet still look classic.

I purchased the teapot and plate @ an estate sale last week.  And a closeup of the tea cup and saucer is a recent thrill ~ Roslyn China Teacup

Here what my girl-Patti did in her home via Staging!   Oh so pretty!  Notice... we have the same Church Cook Book!

"I believe that true friends are quiet angels 
who lift us to our feet when our wings 
have trouble remembering how to fly."

I'm a tad late but always Loving my TEA CUP TUESDAY link-up

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Bev's Cup of Tea !

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Gift To Give

I've been thinking of my Beautiful Life and My Beautiful Friends. 

... Just who might have the Lucky Birth Month???

Cry...Cry.... I chipped a pretty tea cup....

Yes, I am grieving.  A tad.   I know it was inexpensive ...  but irreplaceable....  treasured, adored!

I'm reminded that the Bible tells me to set my affections on things above and beyond this world of earthly delights (& sorrows)!

As I give thanks to God for everything.... I'll beseech Him again... that I might find a replacement or that I'll find another "temporary" beautiful Paragon Teacup!!!

As I browse my hardrive, I've invaribly saved a quote from a fellow blog-land friend....  here it is!

Keep a clear eye toward life's end.
Do not forget your purpose and destiny as God's creature. 
What you are in His sight is what

you are and nothing more.

Remember that when you leave
this earth, you can take nothing
you have received...

but only
what you have given; 
a full heart enriched by honest service,

love, sacrifice and courage.
- Francis of Assisi