Friday, October 16, 2015

A new delicate be-jeweled T-cup

Oh me oh my

Tis so nice to browse a beautiful lil junkie antique shop in Bethany OK1

what a joy-filled day.....   drum-roll... open the paper carefully and out peeks my jewel!

Rosina-Bone China-Cup & Saucer-Made in England-"June"-Chintz

 I knew a few lines from the Velveteen rabbit tale..... I sat a minute longer and read cover to cover.... such a nice tale with hidden truths!

Then my seamstress "BONES" kicked in.... and I bought a be-jeweled teacup in fabric....    ahhhhh

Monday, October 12, 2015

Let the morning bring me . . . .

A Purpose Driven Life....
And a coffee-savoring-the-moment life

two little specialty coffees for the morning October sunshine

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday - Milling around with a purpose!

Of course I had to look up the old saying I've heard my dad say . . . milling around
It is said to refer to a group of people... moving around with no particular purpose... in no particular direction..waiting and wandering... you might say.

Oh... but life does indeed hold a purpose for me.... including the time it takes to invest and safeguard my medical needs all along the way!

Maybe I'll read a good many books!
But u know... as I look forward to retirement.... I actually look forward to milling around the Kitchen, the house, the back yard, the front porch with my teacup in hand!

 . . milling around in the back yard....
 the leisurely milling of my life at the day spa!
 milling around the mall... any and everywhere?   I sense a slower pace.. I feel the soothing pace of a serene, thankful life...  Care to join me in a 
grateful ~ milling 
life !!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday's landscape: Platycerium Fern

I have a loveable, admirable -- a cherished 1st class lady -- that I/we pray each workday morning @ 9:30am
(Matthew 6: 9-13 vs) soothed our souls today...

I start by calling him Father - a Great Dad - in heaven; His name is high and to be honoured, and we are His children. I am thankful for such right standing... to occupy a place of privilege as Our Father invites us to spend time in prayer with Him. 

Next, I pray that God's Kingdom, or rule, will become the norm on earth, over-riding and guiding human rules that are selfish and driven by greed and power. 

I then turn to our own needs, knowing he supplies our basic human needs and I ask that He would forgive the wrong things that I/we have done. Deliver us from evil, praying for safe-keeping of my family and loved ones. Finally I return to reflect on God's goodness, his power and glory forever and ever, and over and over and over and over again.....

I'm reflecting and collecting a good many booklets and magazines from my office file cabinets as I ready myself for "EXIT" retirement.   I purchased a gardening book/calendar... old but inspiring and charming.

The exotic plant that catches my eye this week is

Platycerium - often epiphytic tropical Old World ferns
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
staghorn fern -any of various tropical ferns of the genus Platycerium having large flat lobed fronds 
often resembling the antlers of a stag
common staghorn fernelkhorn fernPlatycerium alcicornePlatycerium bifurcatum - commonly cultivated fern of Australia and southeastern Asia andPolynesia

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Guess Who Dropped by Today ~ Birdie

Alas... the noise on my window-ledge.....mid morning.... and there perched a little birdie.

Stopping by for a spot of tea... u might say... I had phone camera in hand....   luv the easy tech!

So, now I'll start this last week of May 2015 . . . it is the dreary-iest and the rain-iest ever in Oklahoma!     Please visit by blogger tea ladies.... as I adore the tranquility in their corner of this big old universe!    

 An added delight...... my mother's nursing home will celebrate any and every season.  Simple beauty.  They set out teapots and teacups.... for Mother's Day....... oooooh so sweet.
I peeked a bit, no name identified on bottom of cups and saucers....

 Lovely hankie in a vase....  and hat boxes

Live well - dear mother!  


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My TEA Friends aka TEA Aficionados !

To my lovely lady-friends..... Your are my beautiful 
I'm sharing my TEA DREAMS with you today!

My New word of the Day
PRONOUNCED:  ah-fish - E - eh nadO

So ~ ~  just what is an aficionado???

:  a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently . . pursuing an interest or activity :   A DEVOTEE
Welcome to My Wishing Well!
Follow my friends @                   Bernideen’s Blog      Antiques and Tea Cups

I have an unusual friend here in the workplace.... of course -- I'm a weird one also!

So my guy sets down in front of me....a rather dusty but oh so precious teacup with a flavored tea bag!  He smiles... and says bye!!
No cracks or chips.... just perfect - surprise!

Saladmaster Estate - Porzellan (Bavaria, Germany)   It has small pink roses, a footed cup, scalloped edges on the saucer -- both lined - so delicately - in silver!!!

I am delighted...(A phrase I've recaptured... from reading old newsletters written by my daddy).... Delighted to to have the silver-edged cup ... my daily greeting.  The cup is like a warm, genuine smile!

I always google around to find out some history/location/manufacturer on porcelain and/or china...  I found absolutely nothing.... a few etsy sellers.    Would any of my tea friends own or know a bit about the Saladmaster Estate ? ? ?

Hello ~ my handsome Denzel (Equalizer)......  how is  
                                                           your cuppa tea ? ? ?

BTW....  I'm still blooming.... the front yard peonies are ready to explode!  

My hydrangea . . .

(s) . .  are new to the ground by only a few weeks.   I planted and I hope I kept the receipt/bucket... because Home Depot says I can return them if the fail and die.... banish the thought.  I'm praying daily for them....   It may take years to mature and shine so beautifully....

I want to nurture my roses (revive) . . .  They have a history dating back to 1965 in OKC from Chickasha, OK..... and onto Woodridge in 1979 . . .  until today......

 and I want Hostas !!!    

B-blessed today ~
Bev’s Cup of Tea!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Blooming Life awaits me!

 Notice.... these workplace IRIS plants..... are looking skyward on a sunny Monday morning....
awaiting bloom!
My backyard Peonies and Iris flowers peaked this 3rd weekend in April '2015.   
Bloomin.... you say....Yes I am !!
. . . . .  this is my cuppa tea.... Peonies and Purple Iris cuttings... fragrance and petals! !!
Best wishes.... have a wonderful day......  Beverly