Wednesday, September 3, 2014

M+Z Austria and GDA FRANCE - My newest Treasures!

I'm anxious to post and share here in Blogland!
A song.... speaks of Jesus as my reason for living..... life is worth the livin!.....

I'm feeling good about the treasures God has allowed me to obtain....  a few earthly treasures....

Join me as I celebrate with pictures of my newest Gold and White China....

M+Z Austria/Royal Vienna
GDA FRANCE`~ CH Field Haviland

But first... God has also given me a New, New, New Treasure in the Kirk Klan.... ...  a brand spanking-new grandson entered my world on 8-31-2014 via 1:13pm @ 7 lb 11 oz and 20 inches long!

Now,,, back to my New, New, New...... well I believe the datings of my china are OLD, OLD, OLD!

At a  yard-sale purchased for abt $6.00 these two sets of   White ~ trimmed in gold China settings !!  

 This is . . . M+Z Austria trademark (Moritz Zdekauer porcelain - 1884-1919-1917).  I'm a tad bit excited......several cups had chips.  

Do my blog-land friends just throw away a chipped cup....???

On the back:  inscription is Royal JNNSBRUCK Vienna - 18 carat gold trimmed plate, saucer
and cup.

 ......with some certainty one says INNSBRUCK... and the other JNNSBRUCK and the JHR CS differs on this....   googled around for answers....

These two BEAUTIES.... (below) are riding in the back seat of my car.... carefully covered I'll add....

and here's an online picture (similar)

Here a delicate, dainty, almost see thru- pretty gold cup and saucer is GDA FRANCE C H FIELD Haviland Limoge large-band of gold and white set,

I think I missed last week in joining my ladyfriends for tea.   Ruth was a sweetheart to text me that my blogsite was throwing up popup --- to monetize or advertise.   So i've tried to undo--- the monetize buttons on my blog.

Please let me know if something is still wonky on my blog.   
I'm gonna run over ...... can I go play with....


Quote of the day:
“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” ~Pablo Picasso 

Have a Great Day!
Bev's  Cup of Tea


  1. Oh how wonderful - grandchildren! I love your dishes too. You will be able to use these in so many ways!

  2. Hi Beverly,
    Nope, I haven't seen any pop-ups. Congratulations on your little blessing! Babies sure bring joy to one's life, don't they? And so does pretty china. You have found some beautiful pieces. Thank you for joining me for tea and have a lovely day.


  3. White and gold china is always pretty!

  4. Hi: You can always join Tea Cup Tuesday. I check it even several days afterwards. Love your new tea cup trio. It is just stunning. Have a wonderful week. I hope you will join us next week too! Blessings, Martha

  5. Such an elegant set. I don't throw away chipped cups.... just find a new use.... see pinterest for ideas search for "uses for chipped teacups" Here is a great idea...

    I enjoyed your post very much!

  6. First of all: congratulations on your beautiful little grandson! Such a sweet picture.
    Very pretty teacup, the somehow plain design is very appealing.
    Haviland Limoges is so beautiful. You have some gorgeous items there!
    Joining you on last week's Teacup Tuesday, would you like to stop by the river and have some tea with me?
    Happy day!


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