Thursday, November 6, 2014

I FEEL PRETTY... oh so Pretty!

Hello to blog-land-friends (BLF)

I yearn to slow down enough to post with     most elegant friends

every other Mid-week Tuesday to Thursday!

I've already peeked in a bit.... won't you do the same...???  !!!!

TuesdayCuppa Tea   and 

Last week was a delightful time of travel with my hubby to the Austin, Dallas and San Marcos TX area by automobile!

I took a "NICE" tea cup and sauce with me to enjoy tea in the Embassy Hotel!  I didn't want to pack and/or risk a chip to my quote "FINE CHINA".   

 Last week, on 39th & Rockwell antique shopping abit, I found this lovely, glowing Castleton China cup and saucer.   A mini-version that I was surprised to find it really fits well in my hand.... as I sit at my desk and work a bit.   I can refill it often.... and I love it!

The back notes the Castleton USA ~ Ascona pattern (abt 1950); it has a scalloped edge with gold trim..creamy and shiny and a pretty floral decoration. Did I say for a mere $5.00? !!

I pulled the and a five piece setting typically costs est. $89.95!  So I'm sippin and singing.... I FEEL PRETTY... oh so Pretty!

I feel pretty, 
Oh, so pretty, 
I feel pretty and witty and bright! 
And I pity 
Any girl who .....doesn't have a tea cup tonight. 

I feel charming, 

Oh, so charming 
It's alarming how charming  my teacup can make me feel! 
And so pretty 
That I hardly can believe I'm real. 

See the pretty girl in that mirror there: 

Who can that attractive girl be? 
Such a pretty face, 
Such a pretty dress, 
Such a pretty tea cup in her hand as she smiles, 
Such a pretty me! 

I feel stunning 

And entrancing, 
Feel like running and dancing for joy, 
For I own beautiful china tea cups, and I'm loved 
By a pretty wonderful boy! 

Have a Great Day!  I wish u well!

Bev's  Wishing Well.... enjoying a bit of Tea


  1. I love your song "Oh so pretty" - that is cute and funny! This is a lovely teacup!

  2. HA HA ..You brought a smile to my face .. and I'm singing along with you and your pretty the cup..Such a delightful post... You made my day ...' I feel pretty...Hugs

  3. What a great deal on your feeling "Pretty" teacup, Beverly! I'd be singing that tune, too!


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