Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My TEA Friends aka TEA Aficionados !

To my lovely lady-friends..... Your are my beautiful 
I'm sharing my TEA DREAMS with you today!

My New word of the Day
PRONOUNCED:  ah-fish - E - eh nadO

So ~ ~  just what is an aficionado???

:  a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently . . pursuing an interest or activity :   A DEVOTEE
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I have an unusual friend here in the workplace.... of course -- I'm a weird one also!

So my guy sets down in front of me....a rather dusty but oh so precious teacup with a flavored tea bag!  He smiles... and says bye!!
No cracks or chips.... just perfect - surprise!

Saladmaster Estate - Porzellan (Bavaria, Germany)   It has small pink roses, a footed cup, scalloped edges on the saucer -- both lined - so delicately - in silver!!!

I am delighted...(A phrase I've recaptured... from reading old newsletters written by my daddy).... Delighted to to have the silver-edged cup ... my daily greeting.  The cup is like a warm, genuine smile!

I always google around to find out some history/location/manufacturer on porcelain and/or china...  I found absolutely nothing.... a few etsy sellers.    Would any of my tea friends own or know a bit about the Saladmaster Estate ? ? ?

Hello ~ my handsome Denzel (Equalizer)......  how is  
                                                           your cuppa tea ? ? ?

BTW....  I'm still blooming.... the front yard peonies are ready to explode!  

My hydrangea . . .

(s) . .  are new to the ground by only a few weeks.   I planted and I hope I kept the receipt/bucket... because Home Depot says I can return them if the fail and die.... banish the thought.  I'm praying daily for them....   It may take years to mature and shine so beautifully....

I want to nurture my roses (revive) . . .  They have a history dating back to 1965 in OKC from Chickasha, OK..... and onto Woodridge in 1979 . . .  until today......

 and I want Hostas !!!    

B-blessed today ~
Bev’s Cup of Tea!


  1. That is a pretty teacup and what a lovely surprise from your co-worker! He knows you well. Sorry I have no idea about the maker. Your blooms all look wonderful and I always have good luck, for want of another word, with my hostas. And yes, Denzel is dreamy, isn't he? One of my favourite actors. Thanks for joining me for tea today and have a splendid week, Beverly!


  2. Lucky you to be gifted with such a pretty teacup! Love your little tea vignette at the office, especially the engraved spoon!

  3. Hello lovely Beverly! It's always a joy to have you join Roses of Inspiration. Your post was a feast for my eyes with the lovely flowers and beautiful tea cup :)

    Thank you for joining the party and may the remainder of your week be beautiful. Hugs!

  4. Harry Lemmon of Dallas, Texas started Saladmaster! I knew his wife and one of his daughters! My family went to church with them. My mother and Mrs. Lemmon had the same housekeeper, Ann. She lived a few streets over after he died and they were In a Birthday club together! Saladmaster made a lot of money over the years. Mrs. Lemmon was a sweet lady. What I remember was they had parties in your home and would sell the cookware and give a set of dishes to the party hostess with a certain amount of sales! I believe that's how the business was run and I hope this will help you!


  5. Beverly:
    I have seen that backstamp once somewhere (?). I imagine this cup and saucer was originally in a set of tableware/dinnerware? It's lovely anyway!

  6. What a beautiful tea cup. I love the silver lining. A very special gift to receive. Love your pretty Rose too. Your garden is wonderful too. Looks like you will have plenty of beauty all around you soon.


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