Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday - Milling around with a purpose!

Of course I had to look up the old saying I've heard my dad say . . . milling around
It is said to refer to a group of people... moving around with no particular purpose... in no particular direction..waiting and wandering... you might say.

Oh... but life does indeed hold a purpose for me.... including the time it takes to invest and safeguard my medical needs all along the way!

Maybe I'll read a good many books!
But u know... as I look forward to retirement.... I actually look forward to milling around the Kitchen, the house, the back yard, the front porch with my teacup in hand!

 . . milling around in the back yard....
 the leisurely milling of my life at the day spa!
 milling around the mall... any and everywhere?   I sense a slower pace.. I feel the soothing pace of a serene, thankful life...  Care to join me in a 
grateful ~ milling 
life !!

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