Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cry...Cry.... I chipped a pretty tea cup....

Yes, I am grieving.  A tad.   I know it was inexpensive ...  but irreplaceable....  treasured, adored!

I'm reminded that the Bible tells me to set my affections on things above and beyond this world of earthly delights (& sorrows)!

As I give thanks to God for everything.... I'll beseech Him again... that I might find a replacement or that I'll find another "temporary" beautiful Paragon Teacup!!!

As I browse my hardrive, I've invaribly saved a quote from a fellow blog-land friend....  here it is!

Keep a clear eye toward life's end.
Do not forget your purpose and destiny as God's creature. 
What you are in His sight is what

you are and nothing more.

Remember that when you leave
this earth, you can take nothing
you have received...

but only
what you have given; 
a full heart enriched by honest service,

love, sacrifice and courage.
- Francis of Assisi

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