Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beverly's Wishing Well ~ Enchanted Tea Drinker

The Term . . . is. . . . . .    STAGING

BTW . . did I tell my blogworld... that My hubby was super inspired and bought me a GE Double Oven (built-in wall unit).   He was twice motivated.... and pulled out the small oven.... Called my son to help drop the lower cabinet shelf and they installed the pretty black beauty!

Back to  Staging

My dark wood (original 1980's) cabinet still look classic.

I purchased the teapot and plate @ an estate sale last week.  And a closeup of the tea cup and saucer is a recent thrill ~ Roslyn China Teacup

Here what my girl-Patti did in her home via Staging!   Oh so pretty!  Notice... we have the same Church Cook Book!

"I believe that true friends are quiet angels 
who lift us to our feet when our wings 
have trouble remembering how to fly."

I'm a tad late but always Loving my TEA CUP TUESDAY link-up

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Bev's Cup of Tea !


  1. Oh, a double wall oven, lovely! I had one years ago and would love to have one again! Your china is so pretty and aren't those church cook books just wonderful? Thanks for stopping by for tea and Happy 4th of July!


  2. Hello Bev:
    So glad you linked to Tea In The Garden. I have the same pattern cup and saucer (and a teapot) but my cup and saucer is a different shape. I love these. Such a pretty shelf of treasures!


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