Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Gal' Tippin with Tea!

Mammy lil baby luv shortnin-shortnin
mammy lil baby luv shortnin bread!

Lookin at my lil black gal....  brings a fond cuteness to mind!   "Shortnin' Bread" is the old song from the Deep South plantation.. first written by a white poet named James Whitcomb Riley not really a long time 1900 -- the year my Mama Dooley was born!  A part of the chorus is:
Fotch dat dough fum the kitchin-shed—
Rake de coals out hot an' red—
Putt on de oven an' putt on de led,—
Mammy's gwineter cook som short'nin' bread.
Later, another version of this song in 1915 - out of Tennessee... E.C. Perrow  captured the floating lyrics... here goes:
Mammy's little baby loves short'nin', short'nin',
Mammy's little baby loves short'nin' bread

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