Thursday, February 5, 2015

senseless acts of beauty

Hello Friends!
It's been a rather tough, hectic day @ work.    I recently glanced at this saying:  "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty"

My girfriend called last superbowl weekend.... FB note said "I'm making Pecan Pie and a new recipe for home-made dinner rolls...... wanna come over this Saturday!!!"

. . . random acts of kindness . . 
 her buzy, blessed hands!
 Finished Pecan Pie.....!!
NOW.....for the yeast in warm water....

 product reviews.... best products and best buys!   sharing a cooks secrets!   She is so gracious!
 Knead..... flour, pat, roll, test for stickiness of yeast working..... place in bowl and cover and let rise.  (I drove home and let it rise an hour!!!)
 Pull apart, place in pan..... bake...(set timer) ... so exciting..... and
 ta-dah..... Brush with butter...... Dinner it is for a worthy diabetic!   a senseless act of beauty!

Have a great day!
Beverly's Wish 4U!

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