Friday, March 18, 2016

Most Unusual Shape of Tea Cup Handle!

Is My Tea Cup Rare - - or is it a faker?

Today's lovely teacup.... I fell in love with it.... I could barely recognize the Anysley marking on the back ....  it has what I might call an overlay of ROYALE IMPERIAL.....

Really messy looking backstamp.... but the cup is a beauty.. flawless as well as the matching saucer.  A good weight for fine bone china.

Rare or a faker...???   I noticed how unusual was the tea cup handle!  It extends and rests so wonderfully atop the cup.  Delicate... not protruding... Just lovely!

A vivid yellow rose bouquet... crisp white and glowing gilt.  Scalloped edge on cup and saucer!

The wide mouth at

Vivid  with a perfect floral bouquet deep in the center, coupled with crisp white and glowing gilt combine to make this cup and saucer ultra striking!


  • Vintage item from the 1930s
  • Materials: fine bone china, bone china, porcelain, English fine bone china, china, vintage fine bone china

The wide mouth at almost 4" is inviting, the 1" pedestal make for a regal stance and the high fancy handle complete the look. This pair is in excellent condition, having no chips, cracks, crazing, stains or any loss of gilt.

Cup: 2 1/2" tall, almost 4" wide
Saucer: almost 6" wide

This larger sized vintage Aynsley makes a statement and is a striking winner! It would make a memorable "You are special" gift!

Aynsley Fine Bone China. Made in England

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