Thursday, March 3, 2016

White House China in 1891

Won't you join me for a cuppa tea.....     I'm learning a bit about tea pots and tea cups used in the White House as far back as 1892.  It happens that a delivery was made of a personally designed china collection.  But alas... Dear First Lady Caroline Harrison (1889-1891) died before having a chance to use her dainty, lovely, blissful china settings.
The USA coat of arms is brilliantly featured in the center with gold-etched leaves of goldenrod and corn around the wide, deep blue band.   The stars on the inner band represent the 44 states in the Union.... all of this designed by FLOTUS Harrison!


the coat of arms of the United States in the center, with gold-etched goldenrod and corn around a wide band of blue.  The 44 stars on the inner band represent the number of states in the Union when she designed the china.

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