Monday, March 6, 2017

Disciplined (Maybe) in my Tea Cup Selections

Now a days.... it's like another pair of shoes or blue jeans.....   Do I really need it when the other is not worn out/nor quite out of style?   Ear-rings however are always purchased at a discount.

So, when I find an estate sale.... certainly some dear, sweet, lovely lady who likewise cherished a good sip of tea..... and the probably ungrateful kids???<<>:P^^&%($ have discounted her tea cups for sale.

It's still with a lot of thought that I consider if the tea cup is going to really be special to me!!!!  Then its a warm cozy feeling, or a color combination (red or blue@) that I've oft wanted and found glorious....

I also can more so tell if a cup will really be drinkable... that is to day!  It's not the lightest of weight BONE CHINA....  it has a little weight to handle the heat, the microwave, and the kitchen sink cleanup.....  It molds ROUND (not too swervy) on the lips.. to SIP!!!

YES   I think I know what I'm doing now a days!!!

AHHH   HAAAAH ???   The disciplined approach to the craziness of buying a teacup!

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