Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WOW ~ wee A Tea Cup Exchange for me!!

Yesterday.... I had the second cataract removed from my left eye... it was an early am surgical procedure.  I freaked a bit on the first eye/cataract surgery two weeks ago. 

So.... when a large box was delivered to me for girlfriend Jill **** on Monday of this week.  I saved it, I savored the moment....  I did not open the box.  Inwardly suspecting that I'd need an extra bit of beauty and love during this eye ordeal.  

I arrived home and awoke a little after 3pm yesterday.... and thus opened my Tea Cup Exchange gift box !!!!!  Here are a few hasty pictures.

What I really learned... was that Jill put a good bit of thought into every little and large trinket.   It's as if it were designed for bliss and a smile!

I, too was ready to mail out my Tea Cup Exchange gift ``` and it dawned to me that I was gently stuffing the package.   A dawning.... oh let's make it special!!   I guess because I'm an accountant/// pretty dogmatic and realistic.  Gosh, pretty stoney.

TOO often I doubt my inner creativity.... I had been studying too hard on what to send to my tea cup lady!!


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