Monday, June 30, 2014

Kind-of-a-High Dollar Teacup . . !

I wonderfully added to my collection on Sunday.  Yep a sign said Estate Sale:  and Sunday could be 50% or 75% off!

I chatted, and oohed and ahhed over a lady holding a teacup at the checkout table.... She says.. well you can have it.... I have all this that I need to ship (she bought over $115 stuff !!!)

This is the doooozzzzzy of a teacup!   Now for the MATH   
First excited picture in my car.... Price Tag   (what I call High-Dollar, and probably the reason no one bought the cup on Friday or Saturday..... was $15.00 for This Elizabethan and $15.00 for a JULY Royal Alert cup/saucer!)

I'm @ $7.50.... and that's still a stinger for me! 
 A Friday Morning Garage Sale...... Embroidered Yellow and Green offsets my teacup ~ below!

I worked in my Sewing Room..... and felt creative and cute with quilting blocks.

I'm drinkin 'decaf' this time of evening!

Beverly's Delight... in a cup!
There are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship.  ~Author Unknown

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