Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Comfort Tea ~ Tuesday Tea Time

Hello Fellow Tea Drinkers.....   Regarding the highs and lows of life.....

The Holiday was a treasure....  but there's always a thief waiting in the wings.  So I'm sharing this little saying that literally saved me from insanity.   Just let me say.... it may sound horrendous but I am oh so frank - - - I've been married 40 yrs plus.... and I really don't know how I'm gonna make the next 50-60 yr mark!   I might have to shoot the old boy....

But the tea pot poem ever-so-simply says.....

"Tea steeps..... and I retreat"
and thus I retreated back into a place of grace & sanity.....    sipping until desired inner strength was reached !!!
Comfort Tea
my gift of sanity to each of you today!
Thank You Lord~God!

2 Tablespoons self-kindness
½ teaspoon time in nature
3 pinches permission to relax
One dash letting to
Finish with dollop of grace
Sip until desired inner strength is reached.
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Tea Time Tuesday
A Delightsome Life

Bev’s TeaCup of Life !


  1. Thank is a cute teapot, Beverly, and I like the verse on it. Have a happy day and thanks for joining me for tea.


  2. What a precious teapot! The Comfort Tea recipe is just right to give anyone a special thought. I love the little flowers and the purple trim. Have a great week!



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