Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tipping my teacup....

To the stolen girls of Nigeria......   Peace !!!

This little beauty is abt $24.00 @ the 50th Western Antique shop!

I'm resisting the instant urge to purchase single teacups....
After all -- like shoes (which I don't collect)... ---
A person can only wear one pair at a time... 
and I can only drink out of one cup at a time!

So, I'm kinda holding off on buying... collecting.  PLUS - I have to get a SHOWCASE for my cups!

AND who knows... the price my go on sale (or another such item might appear)!

These wonderful collectibles (below) were @ the...  I'm hoping I remember right...

Gosh, where did I photo... these intend-to-buy items...!!! ???

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