Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Czech Tea-Thursday!

Soon I will be done....
 (as the old Negro spiritual used t say...)   with the troubles of de'world!

Soon I will be done with my overdosing of excitement of this phase of my life

I found this expensive large wooden table @ $125 on N Western Ave @ an antique shop....  
Maybe later in life!

But this is the lovely Czech  Bernadotte Procelain Expresson Cup/Saucer I bought!

Wildlife series:  I got the bunny rabbit!    It was marked half off of $24.00 price tag!

 I decided this will be my "AT HOME" teacup!   I'm thinking about sending my TX sister-girlfriend a special Teacup gift to start off her retirement!  
I'd really love to engage my women-friends in the tea-time - oft lost social activity!
A great means of slowing down to live each day fully - simple beauty!!!

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  1. Lovely finds---the tray is wonderful! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.


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