Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Antiquing or Junk-hunting.... Does it really matter....!!! ???

Not to me my dear friends.
I'm just out for a browse and a sale.    I might think of something as High-End ~ Antiquing ~ when the shop owners are nice-still.... and they talked about the merchandise I was buying.   They invited me to a special event on next day...please drop by and bring a friend (he said!).

And they've given me a precious bag to proudly carry out my treasures!

I said they're identical.... but guy notices smaller pot had JAPAN on bottom, and I could safely assumbe abt 1950.  Whereas the larger pot does not have a marking and he thought it was probably England....(Japan did the knock-off of the product).... hmnnnn

Sales prices 25%off small $10 and larger $15 teapot.....   Ok let's buy it!!

Bev Kirk

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