Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Now.... for the good stuff .... via Junk-Hunting!

Now I really feel the thrill of a sale and a bunch of stuff to sort through!   In closing the purchase... they wrap the saucers nicely... and then I get my plastic bag!!  Nice ladies.

  They're getting to know me by now!   I spot a saucer marked $3.00 Odd piece randomly placed in cabinet . . .
 Pink Royal Stafford

 So this is what Scotish Thistle... a plant looks like!!!  kinda cute...

NOW.... here's the blue saucer..... ok.   It's $7.00 but it's also 50%off

 Renaud Limoges “polka” (1970 or so!)
 It's notable expensive china tableware....   hmnnnnn (future collection)
Ok... so that's by tidbit and thrill for the day!

It's my sister's birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turning 49!!!

Bev Kirk

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