Friday, June 6, 2014

To All My Roslyn Tea Cup Friends !!!

This Fridays Estate Sale revealed a bit of a mystery in what happens to a piece of antique china...

My Cherished Discovery . . . .Roslyn China
Manufacturers of bone china at Park Place Works, Longton.
 As my homegirl might say to me..... What's up with the black marks?"    Me, not knowing but quickly grabbing a beautifully inexpensive $8.00 tea cup and saucer set....  I say to myself... I'll google it when I get back to work!
 I said "well maybe its a signature mark...???  "   I'm now thinking maybe a cherished granddaughter picked up a magic marker and started to draw.... NO LESS... than right onto Meemaw's fine chine.

And what would I (the Meemaw) say.... to such a darling 5 year old that is sharing my life....

I'd say... oh baby... stop... don't.... it's no big deal.... let's just write on paper!

ESTATE SALES are mysteriously fun....  to try to image the famale touches in the home.... what the lady did, said, lived, travelled.... and finally where and how she died. 

This Sunningdale pattern dates abt 1946 to July 1963

Here are a few interesting facts after I checked ETSY, EBAY, The China Replacement center...etc...   
Nowadays, one of the highly valued antiques is Roslyn Bone China. Roslyn was a trade name used by an English company which was also known as Reid and Co. This company was established in 1913 and manufactured beautiful wares such as tea cups, saucers,

I've been unable to find the shape of my particular cup.... It sits low - should I call it a Dematisse, or 
its opening is smooth and is not worn....  I do notice a slight 1 inch brownish crack in the bottom right area.
Is it OK to pour my hot tea and drink from this bruised cup...???  

gggggg   My Tea buddy a @ Bernideen... she inspires me..... and her site listed her Roslyn teacup of a different shape and it stands a bit taller than mine....    the teapot is toooooo cute   !!!

We --- my love has been satisfied on todays' antique hunt!   I'll tell you more about two other darling Royal Albert cups tommorrow!

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  1. That's amazing! I love your Roslyn. I would not use it though with the crack - just adore it! So glad you shared at Tea In The Garden!

    1. Hi B.... I would take your advice as the GOSPEL according to Bernideen.... really value your comments!

  2. Hi there. You need to see if it's a crack really or not just a dried tea stain. If it is...don't use it! It's a health issue as well as the possibility of it leaking/cracking further with the heat. I am not seeing any black it's little black specks in the body of the china under the glaze, it is what is called Kiln happens when the teacup is fired in a kiln which sometimes has dust/clay particles moving around that adhere to the piece. Not really a problem. I love Roslyn china. They were very good makers.

    1. Thanks Ruth..... I'll make it a keepsake. I'll post more about the black marks later.... I'll try to compare to others who might have this cup!!! Have a great week!


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