Saturday, April 26, 2014

A beautifully smooth, appealing styled cup, shapely with little pattern!

History of Flintridge China:
Flintridge China Company was founded in 1946 in Pasadena, California. Flintridge took its name from two materials necessary for making china: "flint" and "kaolin." Kaolin is a Chinese word meaning "high hill" or "ridge" where the finest clay is made. Flintridge China featured both a rich, ivory-toned body that was translucent as well as a white, translucent china known as "Bon-Lite." Many Flintridge patterns were offered in a variety of colors, with more than a dozen color options available. In 1970, the Gorham Division of Textron, Inc., acquired Flintridge; the purchase resulted in the discontinuation of most Flintridge patterns over the nest few years. A few Flintridge patterns continued to be made by Gorham for many years, including the popular Black Contessa which was discontinued in 1994

I wasn't content at several garage and estate sales..... So my leisurely Saturday took me to Bethany Antique shops!  Sale of 20% off... I'm learning to hold the cup handle in my hand, I feel over and over along the drinking edge for smoothness.   Then - I find I like a certain highlight of which the light is reflected off the cup.   The weight and the feel and the color.   Then I remember how pleasant the sloping shape of the wide mouth of the up must be!   It is so pleasing to me to drink half and seek the bottom of the cup... as the the floral edges peep thru!

I'm loving the silver rim/edge.... quite elegant.  My choice of wedding band was white gold!!  And I love silver bracelets and pearls!

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  1. Hello Beverly, I am sorry I am so late to your Tea Cup Tuesday link! I didn't realize. You talk about your tea cup in such a delightful way. I too, really love tea cups, and drinking from them. They are so elegant. They feel good in the hand. I am glad you are enjoying all your sales.
    Thank you for joining in T.T.


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