Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Packaging - Style and The Art of Tea Drinking

PIE - Presentation is Everything???

The history of tea can be traced back thousands of years, with mass cultivation and trade first credited to the Chinese. Around the 19th century, the tea trade expanded globally. In recent years, retail stores devoted to the “art” of tea-drinking have emerged. And tea packaging has evolved as well. 

Sure, there are the typical utilitarian tea bags with cut tea leaves – not very attractive going into the cup, and less so coming out. Check out for perfectly good tea, just no exciting packaging. Recently, I’ve seen more of the artisan teas emerging – whole leaf teas in lovely sachets. Tea Forte gives us some of the most beautiful tea packaging I have ever seen. This premium whole leaf tea presents in silken pyramid sachets (see more at – an experience in every cup. It’s perfect for serving to guests, or even to give as a gift. (Can’t imagine wrapping a box of Lipton tea as a gift.)
Recently, at an industry trade show (PackEXPO), I was introduced to what we could be seeing next – at the time, it was not available commercially. It is a package from Tstix®. From their site, “Tstix ® are micro-perforated packages in the shape of a tube, designed to replace teabags and spooned granule coffee with a cleaner, faster, more convenient, easier to use alternative.” I found this package easy to use and clean to touch, putting a sleek, contemporary spin on the ancient art of tea.
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