Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's Wishin Well

A few years back, I was entwined with the Scripture of the Shunnamite woman... who told the prophet... It is Well.... with my Soul!   And to this day... I live these words in the midst of any circumstance!

And I glanced at this antique Wishing Well, I've googled it on occasion.... and it's priced at abt $45.00

My mom and dad has this wishing well and a matching puppy dog lamp in their home from the 50's I guess.   So the reflection of my life is "Wishin Well"!
(Antique Item below)

This is me... @ 60 years old or young!!!  Sittin amongst my mother's Silver and table!
I should have removed the work badge....  but the candles were lit... and I enjoyed the moment!

 I'll have to find out and google my mother's beautiful Vase... I think at their 40th wedding anniversary it was a gift to them!

I placed this glass cake stand atop a glass bowl....

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  1. Hello Beverly,
    What a beautiful vase! It looks like Cranberry glass and I have a few pieces of it myself. I love Lavender Rose and I have a set. I had started the set for my mother when I was first married and she has passed it on to me. Little did I know that I would be enjoying it many years later. This is a lovely post and thank you for sharing it with us at Tea Time. Happy Easter!



SO glad you stopped by to make this world a better place !