Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Savoring the Moment with Tea and Delicate Food!

Yes ~ tea drinkers are of an entirely diffrent culture than coffee drinkers!  I am both.   Morning Java/caffeine boost!  (oft referred as the utilitarian need for caffeine!)  My coffee is smooth, creamy (not sugary) and flavored dark roast beans.    

But in the mellow afternoon of my current workplace.  All is quiet and all work required of me is achievable... not needed today.... just get to it... Ok?  Yep!

So - instead of a coke/soda ~ I long for the pretty soothing cup and the light color and flavor of tea!   A moment to savor!   Tea is like a cousin of coffee.... it delights in absorbing more time and attention about things in life!
I searched out the lunch hour again . . I've traveled the road but never stopped in to browse Mockingbird Manor.... On Western Avenue!
I bring my precious little package back to work..... and Tah-day...   It's an $8.00 china treasure (3-pc)      R, (Rosenthal) KPM Krister Germany - Berlin procelain!  Vintage 1952-1965, inner and outer pattern

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